Our qualified instructors have talents that include specialties in hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, strength training and mental toughness. Our staff members include:


Mike O'Brien:

Mike has been a private instructor for over 15 years. He teaches all aspects of the game; hitting, fielding, and pitching. He gives players the confidence and skill set they need to perform at the highest level. Mike also specializes in team training, he will take your team to the next level!

Brian Klumpp

Brian has been a private pitching instructor for over 5 years, he specializes in pitching, but also gives fielding and hitting lessons. He is the current Head Varsity Baseball Coach at CB South. Where he lead the Titans to a SOL Continental title and the most wins in school history. Brian also does team and group sessions.

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"Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical" Yogi Berra

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EVERY ALL IN BASEBALL instructor is EXPERIENCED  WITH THE DESIRE to reach the playoffs, win championships, get looked at by college and pro scouts, all while being "cool" and keeping a solid mental approach. over the years we have learned to keep a MANAGEABLE routine. we HAVE grown and fine tuned skills that only proper training and experience can make into reality. we all want to pass on our lessons and skills to other athletes so that they too can chase their dream. we are driven to encourage INSPIRING ATHLETES in instruction AND guidance.  we are inspired to give back TO THE athletic community - to guide athletes to the "next" step, to improve themselves mentally & physically, to keep chasing the dream that they love, to make that dream a reality.